What if we took the standpoint that authenticity is beauty? What if the camera could become a tool to reveal our unique features, instead of pointing out our (supposed) flaws? What if it could share light and self-love instead of inflating self-doubt?
This projects' participants are average people, who may or may not always love their daily reflection in the mirror. They have strengths and questionings. They are humans, unique as such, and that’s precisely where their beauty lies.
They are invited to choose a special place which inspires them and to be there, with no other purpose than to let their soul shine through.
This project was inspired by the desire to portray an unfiltered interpretation of beauty, as opposed to the stereotyped images passed down by mainstream media to which so many of us cannot identify themselves with.
By bringing strangers (WO-MEN) together under the banner of a non-judgmental, joyful acceptance of each one's uniqueness, this project aims at encouraging us all to take a step further towards self-love and to emancipate ourselves from whichever preconceptions prevent us from becoming the brightest, most empowered and tolerant version of ourselves.
If you feel like bringing your contribution to this project, please do reach out and send a message. Your light is most welcome.

Thank you!
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